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Serving families and organizations prioritizing safety and performance in welded aluminum boats.


Why Ravenark?

Why purchase a Ravenark? Because our superior style of design and construction has no equal. How do we know? Because our style of design and construction is chosen first by the world's leading professionals.

Why the name Ravenark Boats? Just as the Ark was a safe haven in tempestuous seas so is the Raven a most intelligent and formidable bird considered by many cultures to be the superior primate in intellect and physical endurance. The legend goes that after 40 days and nights Noah released a Raven from the Ark and it flew back and forth scavenging the Earth, was 100% self sufficient and did not return to the ark.

The name Ravenark perfectly represents our philosophy of building aluminum boats beginning with intelligently designing our boats and delivering hell-for-stout quality to our discerning customers on the world's toughest waters.
Individual praise of builder.
Why Us

Why Choose Us



Bona fide team with individual history of building rugged hell-for-stout welded aluminum boats. Recommended by Commercial Fishing Captains, Professional Ship Pilots in Alaska, and multiple families with school age kids. Family owned manufacturing in WA state USA.,

Personal review: "Over time I have had occasion to see the detail in the build and have been very impressed.  The attention to detail that makes a good boat is present everywhere.  Panels are mounted on rubberized bedding for noise reduction and vibration resistance. Electrical cabling is secured at close intervals and all possible chafing points have added chafing resistant material.  Correct fasteners are used through out and with more of them than other builders might use.  Trim is well done and durable to match everything else in the boat’s personality."



Superior Design and Naval architecture, adherence to class rules, manufactured by hand by caring family craftsmanship to support yours.

Our Models

Ravenark Catamaran Bow Loading Landing Craft