Ravenark Bootlegger 23

Type of Boat: Aluminum Monohull Pilothouse
Year of Model: 2023 Model year advances in July
Boat Manufacturer: Z.Nautical Boatworks inhouse Made in USA
Design Length: 23 feet
Design Beam: 8 feet 6 inches
Propulsion: Minimum Single 140hp, up to 300hp.
Hull Plate Alloy: Aluminum 5052H32 (.360 three-sixteenths-inch)
Hull Side Alloy: Aluminum 5052H32 (.360 three-sixteenths-inch)
Cabin Configuration: Four chairs. Canvas Aft Bulkhead. Hard Top.
Class Rules: Exceeds ABYC
Purpose of Vessel: Rough water near coastal, adventure, fishing, tuna, patrol, pursuit.
Build Type: New Build
Sell Status: Demo Program Options

Various Options - call for options.

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Ravenark Bootlegger 23 is our smallest and most elegant boat.

  • All pictures of boats on this site are examples. Each boat is made to order.
  • All welded pilothouse, salt water capable (within reason).
  • Same forward hull as the Bootlegger 25 with 20 degree deadrise at transom, 26 degrees midships.
  • The hullform shape, chines, strakes, internal structure, are all the same as the Bootlegger 25.
  • The hull alloy thickness comes standard as .190 (3/16″) 5052H32 but can be upgraded to .250 (1/4″) 5086H116 for $6,000 (requires price confirmation at time of order).
  • The cabin brow is as shown, no sun visor, just handrails fore and aft on roof, a radar pedestal.
  • The cabin deck and aft deck are all welded aluminum with inspection hatches.
  • The transom has two large fish boxes in the upper area.
  • CVK (Center Vertical Keel) 1/4″ 5086H116
  • Cabin: 1/8″ 5/32″ 3/16″ and 1/4″ various parts, all 5052H32 or 5083 interchangeable
  • Outboard bracket integrated with hull, not an attachment.
  • Hullform is a variable width, variable deadrise, variable chine hullform, proven in many styles of boats to possess outstanding handling characteristics in rough water.
  • Gasoline capacity 100 gallons standard.
  • Optional full aft cabin bulkhead with slider door or swinging door.
  • Optional full boat paint of vinyl graphics, or can remain MIL finish.
  • Optional Electronics, configured for each customer.
  • Electrical system, configured for each list of options.
  • Optional Trailer, configured for each customer.
  • Price; Standard bare-boat pricing.*
  • *Add Paint and or Graphics
  • *Add Batteries
  • *Add Electronics
  • *Add Trailer,
Price:  Inquire
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Note: Each vessel has approximately 80 line items on the Vessel Specifications Sheet, contact us to have a discussion about your dream boat.

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