How the Ravenark 28 is really a base hull of 31ft!

The design of the new Ravenark 28 is as unique as a star.  Initially the clean sheet design called for a 28ft boat to fill a trailerable market segment, but as tape measures go, aft deck space, comfort in the cabin, it turns out the end to end dimension of the Ravenark Aluminum 28 is simply a tad longer.  We think it’s perfect.

The reason for the space considerations is the request to have four to six people sleep on the boat for long weekends and excursions, all while keeping the head from occupying all that aft deck space.  The Ravenark 28 can be configured to meet any of these needs, using the base dimension of a 100″ long cabin provides flexibility in dinette, galley, head location, and, convertible beds if that is valuable.   This is a true six pack charter configuration for day trips, and can easily handle four or six adults on long weekend excursions.

Another striking feature of the bow structure is a 1/2″ thick aluminum triangle plate that is 10″ wide at the top, 7.15″ inches on the slope, and 26″ tapering to zero where the chines meet.  The purpose of this design feature is to keep the beam in the boat and not waste length in narrow forward inches that count against the total but are practically unusable.  Next is the CVK (Center Vertical Keel) which is welded to the inside of this 1/2″ plate making the Ravenark Aluminum 28 a truly hell for stout boat.

As of this writing, the interior is being designed and will be available in a few weeks.  In the meantime we are taking orders and have spoken for slots for aluminum Homer Alaska charter boats, as well family boats.

Price on this boat will vary for each situation and build, but so far they’ve been coming in at $285,000 to $350,000 and includes outboards, dual helms, electronics, and all the parts and pieces that make the boat work.  It will weigh approximately 9,500lbs without liquids and has a base gas tank of 230 gallons (@6lbs per gallon  1,440lbs)

Current backlog of the production timeline is six to seven months, subject to change.

Outboards are becoming available again and we like Suzuki Outboards, however Mercury Outboards, Yamaha Outboards, are all very nice and a pair of 200’s will be adequate, and a pair of 350 dual props will make it scream.

So far (in the past several years) our favorite outboards for our boats in Anchorage, our boats in Homer Alaska, and our boats for Kodiak Alaska and the Prince William Sound, is the Suzuki 300hp with single prop.  This motor has been a workhorse on lots of boats we’re famililar with and we have found good customer support with various companies doing a good job of service on the Suzuki Line.

In California Delta, the inland area around San Francisco, we love the new Mercury normally aspirated (non-turbo low pressure) four strokes in the 200hp – 225hp range.  Any of these motors including Yamaha 250’s 300’s 350’s will be adequate.

The boat does not require twins.  For those seeking true economy a single 30″ shaft is sufficient in both speed and power to plane the boat. The comparision is that a diesel inboard Volvo would be a 300-350hp single screw, albeit with dual prop outdrives.  At this time we are NOT considering building any inboards, this paragraph is merely to set the expectation that a single outboard 300hp will be sufficient, and weigh much less, than an inboard.

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