The Bootlegger Series

Engineering First; Hydrodynamics and Balance

Bootleggers are available in 23 and 25 feet models.  Ravenark Bootlegger Aluminum Boats are designed to perform with smooth speed in rough water.  

 The hull bottoms on the 23 are standard alloy 5052H32 and 3/16″ thick.

The hull bottoms on the 25 are standard alloy 5086H116 and 1/4″ thick.

The hydrodynamic shape of the 23 and 25 hull bottoms are identical except that the Bootlegger 23 is 22-inches shorter than the Bootlegger 25.

In both 23 and 25, an effective reverse-chine is created by the seam structure at the outer edge of the variable chine. The reverse-chine provides exceptional control in corners and keeps the boat dry by directing water spray down and away.

Tthe hullform is a ‘variable deep vee‘ concept with 20 degree deadrise at transom and 26 degrees just forward of midships (the shoulder) and 50+ degrees forward.

The robust internal structure is made using full height girders (fore and aft longitudinal structures) and full height frames (across the boat structures), including a breast hook banding all working together to create unprecedented strength.  This structure also limits vibration and keeps the boat quieter.  It’s also why that when an old time boat builder came into our University Place shop a few weeks ago poked around and said, ‘she is certainly hell for stout’.  That is the best praise we can ask for.

The decks are all aluminum, no wood or fiberglass. The deck structure, or sole plates,  are welded all around the boat making a water-tight seam and create a welded self-bailing-deck thereby routing the water overboard.  The cabin height and tall door and flat sole plates from front to back of boat mean there is no step-up or step-down into the cabin there is a door jam but a flat surface from the transom to the cuddy bulkhead.

Headroom at the helm is 6-foot 5-inches where a custom bolstering seat allows for stand-up driving with unlimited 360-degree views.

Ravenark Bootlegger 25 aluminum boat
Ravenark Bootlegger Hullform Sketch

Experience with Hullform

The chine, control strakes, and hullform, are created as ‘freeform curved surfaces’ contrary to traditional aluminum planing surfaces.

The ‘modified hullform style’ has been made on several lengths, the words mean essentially that the hull design is engineered to maximize hydrodynamic efficiency for a pilothouse outboard aluminum boat.  

Hydrodynamic efficiency means the hulls curves, chine curves, and strake curves are optimized to allow water to flow over them as the boat passes through the water.

Weight and balance affect friction, therefore the resulting placement of gas tanks, and people (weight) for example, are accounted for in the hydrodynamic hull design. 

As shown in the sketch here, every inch of the hulls surfaces are curved providing the unprecedented smooth ride.

True Blue Water, Aluminum Boats that are Coastal-Ocean Capable in a Manageable Package

With a range of nearly 300nm the opportunities for exploration and even tuna fishing are endless.

The draft is only 16-inches allowing access to shallower lakes, rivers and backwaters.

For sleeping accommodations, the 23 and 25 Bootleggers each have a 7′ long cuddy where an optional mattress can accommodate 3 full sized adults in relative comfort.

The boat can take one or two couples on long weekends.

In actual choppy conditions where wind and swells make even larger boats uncomfortable and often unsafe, the hull style of the Ravenark Bootlegger 23 and 25 have been praised by professional ship pilots, commercial fishermen, charter captains, and long time owners of similar boats, as being of unbelievably good performance.

People who invest in boats like the kind we make at Z.Nautical are looking for the long term asset value where the boat appreciates, not depreciates, and the hull and structure of the boat outlast the outboards and installed components.  In short, Ravenark Boats are intended to be a lifetime boat, or family legacy boat, handed down from generation to generation.

The boats are designed for easy maintenance in the near term, and a lifetime ahead of retrofitting the propulsion, all electronics, and even the interiors.

References of our Work

Ravenark is a brand, manufactured by experienced welders and boat builders. Over the years the builder has accumulated a roster of salty owners who vouch for quality, performance, ethics, and most importantly, are repeat buyers.

Order Yours

Ravenarks are manufactured to order in Tacoma, Washington State. We are in production now with pre-sold boats and because of our unique production process we can deliver yours in 2022 and early 2023.