Ravenark Bootlegger – Freeform Surfaces, Structural Integrity

Ravenark Aluminum Boats Engineering Structure.

The most common sized boat in the USA is 20-25feet, and like cars, motorcycles and all other things in life, there are stark differences between quality and ‘value’ in the exchange for the money.  Nowhere is this contrast more obvious than boats, fiberglass and aluminum.  This blog post focuses on aluminum boats because aluminum boats is the fastest growing segment in boating.

By inspection we can see differences in structural integrity for a 25-foot pilothouse boat hull.

Shown here, the bottom plate is 1/4″ 5086H116 aluminum alloy.  The bottom vertical piece is a CVK, or Center Vertical Keel, and is 3/8″ 5086H116 alloy.  The short stiffeners are six inches spaced up the bottom slope and welded into the cross frames, the breast hook, and flow all the way aft to anchor on the transom.

Ravenark is committed to building exceptional boat prioritizing safety in extreme environments and performance in the water.  Performance is not merely speed, but handling and seaworthiness.

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